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Day four was another early morning! The girls and I loaded onto the bus where we appeared on Global and National television where girls were picked in random order to go up and answer a fun question!

After we left Global we all went back on the bus and headed to the CN Tower and visited the glass floor! Going up the elavator to the top of the CN Tower was crazy but amazing! The view was beautiful

although our ears popped like crazy!! When we went to the glass for I was scared to walk on it, so me and one of the other ladies decided to hold hands and face our fears together by walking on the glass floor, and let me tell you all, I was pretty proud of myself!!! 🙂



When we were done touring the CN Tower, we had an hour to kill so some of us girls made our way over to this little band that was playing music, and they were AMAZING!! We did what ever we could do to kill that hour in the hot weather that afternoon! When then went back to the hotel where we went back to our rooms to eat our lunches. Later that evening the girls and I had once again loaded back onto our bus and were on route to the Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s kind of funny, when I had gotten off the bus, I noticed how a lot of us were matching, and we obviously had to take a picture of it! After taking some photos outside we went inside where we would receive our $10.00 gift cards for the food area so we could eat where ever we wanted to! As we stood to get instructions on what we needed to tweet, instagram and facebook we would look above us and see numerous people looking down at us taking pictures and wondering why we were all wearing a sash and crown!! We were also lucky to do a little shopping before we went to eat supper. After eating supper we loaded back onto the bus to go and do rehearsals and then called it a night !


xoxo, Ashley 🙂


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Day three was an early morning as I had woken up at 3:30am to get ready to appear on Toronto’s Breakfast Televison. It was amazingly cool to see how everything works with these kind of morning shows and watching everyone do their “own thing.” The girls and I were excited to appear on Breakfast television, and also to see how it works on the other side of the television!

After Breakfast Television, the girls and I loaded back onto our bus and were on our way to breakfast at High Park. As it was a gorgeous day, all 55 of us sat out on the deck where we got to enjoy the environment surrounding us, and enjoy a delicious meal! Once we finished we headed back to the hotel for a presentation by Schwarzkopf Professional  on different and easy ways to do our hair if we want it to be different and if we like change! 🙂 Following the presentation we were split into groups of 4 and had to do either the best bun or the best braid on one of the girls and it was the funniest, funkiest thing ever to do! We then got a little goodie bag from them with some products we can use for our hair to help us do a different style!

It was then lunch time, and Panera Bread sponsored us lunch! Their sanwiches were so good, the food in general was delicious and it was very filling! After lunch we had made our way to Yorkdale mall, where Bench had sponsored us a $25.00 gift card to shop, and as well as had polaroid camera’s for us to take pictures with and to keep the pictures as a keep sake! During our visit at Bench, we had to tweet and instagram photo’s of us shopping and having a good time and then got to go to the foodcourt with a $10.00 gift card to have what we wanted to eat for supper, and it was delicious and so kind of the mall to sponsor us a $10.00 gift card! so THANK YOU A BUNCH!

When we were finished eating we made our way back to the hotel where we were going to begin doing rehearsals. We learned how to walk for bikini and evening gown, and started to learn our opening number dance!! 🙂 After two hours went by, we finally got our Hi-Tec sandals, and they couldn’t of came at a better time as my feet were very sore from rehearsing in my high heels!

Stay tuned for a post about day four !

ALSO VOTING ENDS FRIDAY!! SO PLEASE VOTE, VOTE…. VOTE!!! Share with friends and family and encourage them to vote for the girl representing our beautiful Island! It only takes seconds, and the little things count right? Like this for example will fast track me to top 20 so please help me out!!

Voting link

xoxo, Ashley 🙂

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After getting a good nights rest from our amazing welcome party last night, today was the day that we had our: Photo shoot, Video shoot, and Interview! I am in love with the way my hair and make-up was done! I am very pleased with the outcome, and I couldn’t be in love more than I already am with my make-up! Thank you so much Annak for doing my make-up I am so happy that you made me look amazing!!The photo you see below is a close up of my make-up, I look different, older, and I completely fell inlove with this look! Day 2 was a pretty laid back day as we got to spend the rest of our day mainly in our rooms!!

Xo Ashley

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Day One was an amazing day! I got to meet my Amazing room-mate Violeta, Miss Teenage Vancouver Island! Michelle did an amazing job with doing the roommates because this girl is exactly like me! I’m so happy that she is my roommate! It definitely felt good to be able to unpack everything from 11+ dresses, skirts, tops, heels, and so on!!! Then 6pm came and we were all heading down to registration followed by the welcome party to have the chance to meet the other girls from other provinces!! Once we had entered the room we were all eager to visit each of our sponsors stands and to learn about them and to check out their samples and to learn about their company! Thank you to Motives Cosmetics for the free nail polish and for doing our make-up this week you guys are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! We all believe that you will make us look beautiful for our competition! 🙂 I would also like to thank Hi-Tec Canada for sponsoring all of us girls some comfy sandals!They will be an amazing thing to have for our tired and sore feet from wearing heels for a long period of time, so thank you so much for being a life saver for all of our feet!

I would also like to thank Golden Glamour Goddesses for telling us about your company and how you are going to be starting a business In New Brunswick! How exciting right? Way to go east coast!!

I couldn’t thank Michelle and Christi enough already for what they are doing for all of us girls! It really means a lot that they are going to make this week something that we will never forget! Lets get this show on the road !! xo

Stay Tuned for more posts !

xo Ashley


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With Nationals 3 days away I wanted to take this time to thank my friends and family for all of their continued support along my journey of Being Miss Teenage Prince Edward Island! I’m very honoured not to only represent Summerside, but my province at Miss Teenage Canada. To my parents, thank you for believing in me for this big accomplishment and all of the help for preparing for this exciting event, without you guys my head wouldn’t be in line! A huge shout out goes to all of my sponsors! There is a lot of you but without you guys I wouldn’t be leaving in three days! After all of the phone calls, and emails a day you are all amazing sponsors and I couldn’t thank all of you enough! Without the numerous sponsors I have gotten I wouldn’t be able to participate in this amazing pageant and meet all 70 girls from across Canada!

To all of the girls that I will be with in three days, word’s cannot possibly describe how excited I am to meet each and everyone of you to experience an outstanding week! With Breakfast Television, touring, and much more! I love you all already and cant wait to meet you all ! No matter the outcome, we are all winners and its going to be an amazing week!!

Be sure to go and like my facebook page and to share with friends and family as there is a peoples choice award that also helps myself fast track to top 20!

Love always,

Ashley xoxo



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We all wonder about things from the past and what certain events were like, and how well it grew. Like Miss Teen Canada for example is something that most of our parents would remember being televised.  This beloved pageant was held annually here in our beautiful country. This was a personality and beauty competition for ladies between the ages of 14-17 years old from across our beautiful country. In 1969 is when Miss Teen Canada Pageant was first televised on CTV along with Miss Canada where now there is more than one Teen Canada pageant.  During 1969 they had financial concerns which led to the pageant having to be shutdown in 1990. The pageant was named Miss Teenage Canada for its first three years and was sponsors by A&W, Drive-Ins, Cleo Productions, who owned the event for quite some time.

In our century, the largest competition is owned by MTC-W inc. and is produced by the wonderful Michelle Weswaldi. It launched in 2008 and Katie Starke from Uxbridge, Ontario took the crown back to her hometown.  Miss Teenage Canada is the only pageant to hold provincial pageants to qualify your spot to compete for the Miss Teenage Canada title. When you win the title you receive over $30,000 in cash and prizes and much more! To hold an amazing pageant like Miss Teenage Canada, you need a wonderful celebrity judge panel that has included Belinda Kiriakou who is in Canada’s number one fitness magazine, Sara Fisher who is a singer and songwriter, model and actress, Chelsae Durocher who had competed and was able to compete nationally and internationally as she represented Canada at the Miss Universe in 2011, and many more! Celebrity hosts such as Luke Bilyk, who stars on the show Degrassi, and Cynthia Loewen who has been in pageantry since she was 16 years old. Without having a judging panel and wonderful hosts, there wouldn’t be a way to hold such a significant pageant!

Free the Children are a non-profit organization founded by Marc and Craig Keilburger that shows leadership and children helping children all around the world. This organization is to help shape a community and is the world’s largest network for children helping children through education, with having more than a million youth involved in innovative and education in 45 countries. Each year delegates will do fundraisers to help support this organization to give back and to help make people happy and to make a difference to end poverty. To date on the Miss Teenage Canada website, they have raised over $190,000.00 to benefit outstanding organizations!

During my years of being involved with pageantry, I have gained so much confidence, and learned so much about myself. It has helped me overcome so many fears as to being stage fright, and talking in front of big crowds. I’m so thankful to be in pageantry because so many new friendships are shaped and so many memories are made. The reason to why I applied for Miss Teenage Canada is because it will help be gain more confidence, as well has experience and to have a tremendous week with ladies from all over canada and to of course take the title home! I have gotten involved with my province tremendously, with helping fundraise for The Children’s Wish Foundation, volunteering at my hometown’s festival and talent show, serving samples at store’s grand openings , dropping the puck at Junior ‘A’ hockey game, speak at cyber-bullying dances and etc! For Miss Teenage Canada I had to fundraise for Free the Children where I had a huge basket draw, as well as sold fries thanks to Cavendish Farms for letting me use their Fry cart!

To conclude, with me winning Miss Teenage Canada not only would it be an honour but, I want to reach out to kids who are too scared to chase after their dreams, because if you fight hard enough to reach it you will achieve it. I would give back to not only my province, but to people who don’t get noticed enough for what they do for our country, and as well as our hometowns because everyone deserves to be noticed for their accomplishments they have made in life that have taken not only an impact on yourself, but for the community surrounding you.  With the title I want to end world poverty, because it is a problem for families all over the country and I know so many people will take the right initiative to help out and to end poverty because it needs to end. Same for bullying, nobody deserves to be let down because everyone is beautiful inside and out, and you can’t hate someone when you don’t know their story.

Hope you enjoy reading this assignment and stay tuned for more assignments and blog posts!

Love always,

Ashley xoxo


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Miss Teenage Canada has a sister competition called Top Model Search Canada that is also produced by the one and only, Michelle Weswaldi.

What is Top Model Search Canada you might ask, I can tell you that Top Model Search Canada isn’t a pageant, but a modeling competition that can give you a modeling career if you have what it takes to be the next top model! 40 models will be picked and have the opportunity to travel overseas to: Thailand- Europe and South America to represent Canada in an International pageant and modeling competitions, as well as being booked for modeling jobs, movies, commercials, music videos and much more to follow! Top Model search Canada has had numerous girls sent all around the world including: Brazil, Poland, Korea, and Spain for competitions and modeling opportunities!

Entering Top Model Search Canada will build your confidence, poise and teaches you about the modeling industry, as well as making friends and memories that you will never forget! Besides all of the training you will also have the opportunity to attend workshops and meet industry professionals that include the following: Agents, Models, Makeup and Hair stylists, and Wardrobe stylists, photographers, voice coaches and etc.

What do you win? If you win Top Model Search Canada ,  you recieve a package value of over $15,000 which includes cash and gifts, receive numerous photo shoots with different photographers, be featured in magazines and be a guest and red carpet events, and much more! You have the opportunity to represent our country at an International competition at: Miss Supranational, Top Model of the World, and Miss Supermodel International!!


 To the girls competing be yourselfs and show your personality in your walk because you want to stand out from everyone else so you are noticed more, nothing to be afriad of 🙂 ! AND GOOD LUCK!!!!As well as if you haven’t signed up yet do not miss this outstanding experience where many memories and possibly your career could be made!!

Xoxo Ashley 🙂

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May 17th and 18th I had attended the 16th annual Miss & Miss Teen NB International, 6th annual Miss and Miss Teen NS International, the 5th annual Miss & Miss Teen PEI International, and the 3rd annual Miss & Miss Teen Maritime International!

On the 17th it was the preliminary night of the pageant where the miss and miss teen delegates did their fashion, evening wear, talent and the miss delegates did their swimwear. All of the ladies did an amazing job! I also got to meet the 2014 delegates after the prelims and it was cool to see where each and every one of them was from! May 18th was pageant day and everyone was up early to get their hair and make-up done, and to go to their interviews with the judges! It was a busy morning but again, the girls did amazing with their interviews! I got to spend my morning with the amazing Marc Gagnon who is the President of the Miss and Miss Teen Maritime pageant putting the script together! 🙂 I was then off to Sub Delight which is one of the sponsors for the pageant to get the girls their lunch! They were delicious and we couldn’t have thanked them enough for preparing subs for all of the girls!

It was 2pm and we were all of to the Shediac Multipurpose Theatre to where the pageant was going to be held that night! The girls did rehearsals all afternoon and got taught their evening gown walk and practiced their opening number dance. They did the song Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone and Pitbull by choreographer Karine Aube from DNA Dance!

 You can never forget about the amazing hosts that take time out of their day to make this all happen! Allon McCall and Shyann Caissie were this year’s hosts! Allon is the founder and owner of the We Music Productions! Allon is a drummer, songwriter, producer and announcer. Shyann had competed in the Miss and Miss Teen New Brunswick Int’l pageant when she was only 13 years old being crowned the new Miss Teen New Brunswick International in 2010! Shyann knew that her pageant career wasn’t over and had represented her province at the Miss Teen Canada World in July, 2013! Allon and Shyann were amazing hosts and connected with the crowd very well and had fun with hosting the pageant!

 After the hosts being introduced the delegates did their second number which was their Fashion wear; the delegates got a budget and had 15 minutes to pick out an outfit at Guy’s Frenchy’s located in Shediac and they were all amazing outfits! It was a neat thing to see as it was something different and something I have never saw before! The delegates then got their awards for talent, evening wear, swimwear, photogenic, and scholastic and then put their evening gowns on and did their walks.

After the intermission the reigning title holders of 2013 did their final walks, and gave their final speech. Then the current reigning title holder of Miss Teenage Canada: Jillian Martin gave a speech to the crowd. Following her speech Joline Boudreau, Miss Maritime 2013 Int’l was announced as a delegate for the Miss World Canada in 2015, following Brianna Keith to be officially crowned as Miss Teenage New Brunswick 2014, and I to be officially crowned Miss Teenage Prince Edward Island 2014

It was then time for the delegates to come back onto the stage where the new provincial, and maritime holders would be crowned. The girls did all did a tremendous job, and were all winners in my eyes! After all the girls being crowned for the miss teen and miss category, there was an after reception where the ladies were able to take pictures with their family memebers, as well as other girls who were in the pageant!

Once again I would like to give Marc Gagnon a huge thank you! Without him I don’t know what I would do without his support! He’s an amazing man and always has you laughing!








No matter what the outcome is in any pageant you compete in, you’re all winners ! 🙂


 xoxo Ashley

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In October, there was an announcement made at my school for any students who were interested in going to the first Atlantic Canada We Day that is held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on November 27th. Students that were interested in going to the event had to fill out an application to why they thought they should go, and how they would benefit from attending We Day in Atlantic Canada.Hearing this announcement instantly made my day, Craig Kielburger is an inspiration to me and I had to go see him. Knowing that they were only accepting 30 people I had doubt in myself that I wasn’t going to be able to attend the first We Day in Atlantic Canada.

A few weeks had past and there was finally an announcement made that the list was up and for students who put an application form in to go check the list during our break time. I was positive that my name wasn’t going too listed for one of the 30 students to attend, but it was and I couldn’t have been any more excited! 🙂 Ever since I knew about Free the Children, and We Day it was something I always wanted to experience because it’s such an outstanding event. Being accepted was just the first step though, we had to fundraise for our trip over, and pay the cost for our hotel since we were going to be heading over the night before. We had four bake sales that helped out tremendously with our fundraising to go towards our hotel, ticket for the event, and the bus ride over.November 26th had finally arrived, and I couldn’t have been any more excited to head to Halifax after it seeming like a long day of school! As we set route to Halifax it was a long, yet boring trip but we all knew that it would be worth it because we had the chance to experience the first We Day held in Atlantic Canada! We arrived at our hotel late at night and all gathered in the lobby where we played games just to get our group to socialize more with one another and to have everyone get out of their comfort zone, it was a fun filled night and we heard different stories about Free The Children, and of course talked about the Kielburger brothers 🙂

           The day finally arrived, We Day was finally here! We all loaded up onto the bus at 8am as we had to arrive and be at the Halifax Metro Centre to be in our seats before the event had started.Once we got to the Centre it was packed! But it was insanely cool to see all of the booths that were set up with all of the Rafiki chains and t-shirts that you could purchase! The arena was completely packed and it was so overwhelming and exciting, it’s one of those questions that you ask yourself… Am I actually here?! Or am I just dreaming?! It was definitely an honor to be there and to be a part of the first Atlantic Canada We day, there were so many breath taking stories, but there was one that stuck out to me the most and still gives me the goose bumps when I even think of it!

Molly Burke is a visually impaired me to we speaker who reaches out and speaks out against bullying, and as well as the power of hope. The lights were shut off, and once they turned on Molly was standing on stage, and began talking. She was telling us a story how there were girls in her school who would continuously bully her, and one day they asked her if she wanted to hang out with them, so them being the “cool girls” in her school, she took the opportunity. It was during their lunch time and they began to head outside with Molly behind them on her crutches, she explained to us that as she was walking she began to walk in a little forest, where she had sat down, but had no idea where the cool girls had went. They ended up beating up Molly and hurting her badly. It was very quiet in the arena, and the lights had been turned off. She explained that the darkness is something she sees everyday from when she’s awake, until she is asleep. Then explained to us that it was the mean girl’s fault that she ended up the way she is today. It was the most breathtaking, and heartbreaking story I have ever heard. Nobody deserves to be bullied because of how they act, their appearance, or their interests. Everyone is unique in their own way, and everyone has a story like the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

 In the end, from hearing the speakers, including Craig and Marc it was an amazing day and a memory that I can cherish forever from my senior year! It was a good day but even better to go back home !





Ashley 🙂 xoxo

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